After 13 straight hours in these gloves. Very warm day.

These Daft Punk-looking things are Nike N1 batting gloves with two straps from Japan. They’re the hottest, most amazing batting gloves I’ve ever saw and wore. The materials are top-notch quality, from the leather to the patent leather bits, and they completely hug your hands tightly inside. I feel like I have robot hands when I wear these and I never want to take them off. ;)

Thanks for another awesome gift, bomba!

Nike N1 wrap-around batting gloves after a full night of sleep. Love sleeping in these. Feeling snug, warm, sweaty and so good inside. Thanks for the gloves, Jon! <3


Damn, I didn’t think my webcam was that crappy, but that’s what I can do for now :/

Thanks thanks thanks to and

Glad to help. Enjoy!


The hottest gloves evar. They’re gearnerd’s.

Hottest gloves on the hottest hands. Gloved fills them out much better than I ever did.

I’m very excited, I finally got my first pair of AJ1’s. They look real hot and fit so snug, an excellent combination. Thought it’d be fitting to wear these with matching Jordan batting gloves and American Apparel knee-high socks.

Got a pair of Nike Dura Feel golf gloves. I’ve always wanted to try golf gloves, but since they usually aren’t sold in pairs, I managed to find one of each hand on eBay. The gloves are very tight and the leather is smooth, they truly feel like a second skin.  White gloves are so sexy. :)